Epic Truck

et-icon-featBuy (iOS / Android / Amazon / Nook / Mac)

Get Epic Truck for big jumps, awesome shocks and crazy impacts! Go off-road at scenic and dangerous locations including Desert Ridge, Snowy Peak, and Magma Mountain!


Piano (Kindle Tablet Edition)Buy (Amazon / Nook)

Enjoy playing your own 88-key grand piano! Piano features the full rich sound of a real grand piano. In duet mode, play Piano with a friend on the same screen. Choose from 5 different key sizes and see up to 6 octaves!

Live Butterflies

LiveButFree (iOS)

In this magical Augmented Reality experience, surround yourself with friendly butterflies indoors or out! Turn the screen see all the butterflies flying around you. “Live Butterflies” includes both a Viewer and a Game.

Air Hockey Fingertip Sports

ahfsBuy (iOS)

A fun one or two player air hockey arcade game featuring fast gameplay, responsive sounds and a play-by-play announcer.